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Take a moment to imagine what it would be like to…
  1. Have more energy to do all the things you’ve always wanted to do
  2. Be more effective and find exciting stress-free, painless, and creative new ways to do His work
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Pillar 1: WATER
Did You Know…?
·         Your body is about 50–70 percent water.
·         Your muscles are about 75 percent water.
·         Your brain cells are about 85 percent water.
·         Your blood is approximately 82 percent water.
·         Even your bones are approximately 25 percent water.
Let’s test your knowledge of the most important pillar of health—WATER.
True or False:
  1. You can live up to two weeks without water.
  2. Many Americans live in a mildly dehydrated state.
  3. Headaches, joint pain, heartburn, back pain, and depression can be greatly reduced by drinking more water.
  4. Water is a miracle cure for many physical ailments.
  5. Caffeine drinks (tea and coffee) and carbonated drinks are good substitutes for those who do not like to drink water.
  6. God created us to rely on water for our very lives.
Correct answers can be found at the end of the excerpt.
Pillar 1: Water (Excerpt from Day 1, “Water and You”)
I start our study of the The Seven Pillars of Health with water because it is the most foundational aspect of health.
Water is the single most important nutrient for our bodies. It is involved in every function of our bodies. You can live five to seven weeks without food, but the average adult can last no more than five days without water.
A Miracle Cure
Many people never drink water. Some don’t like the taste of water, or they were never taught the importance of drinking it. Maybe their parents gave them juice, soft drinks, milk—anything but water. As a result, many people spend their day going from one caffeinated or sugar-based drink to another. They jump-start their mornings with coffee. By midmorning they have a soda for another boost, then drink sweetened caffeinated iced tea for lunch. Late afternoon it’s another coffee-based or “10 percent juice” drink. Little do they know that all that caffeine and sugar are actually stealing water from their bodies, doing them more harm than good.
In my practice I see people all the time whose bodies are starved for clean, natural water. They are neglecting the most basic pillar of health, and their bodies and minds pay a terrible price. By the time I see them they often suffer from headaches, back pain, arthritis, skin problems, digestion problems, and other ailments. Often they have gone to another doctor, who might have given them medications that didn’t address the problem but only turned off the symptoms. This is similar to a red warning light blinking on your car’s dashboard informing you to check your engine. If you simply decide to remove the fuse to turn off the warning light instead of taking your car in for service, you will eventually ruin your car’s engine. That is a simple illustration of what many individuals do by taking medications instead of addressing their body’s “warning light” that they are dehydrated and need an adequate intake of clean water.
Many Americans live in a mildly dehydrated state with various irritating symptoms and never realize it. I often tell patients that when they have a headache, they don’t have a Tylenol deficiency. When they have joint pain, they don’t have an Advil deficiency. When they have heartburn, they don’t have a Pepcid deficiency, and if they are depressed, they don’t have a Prozac deficiency. In each of these cases, their body is often crying out for water.
Mary and I have lost count of the people who come up to us at seminars and say, “I had this or that problem, but I took your advice and started drinking water, and it went away.” People tend to lose excess weight, arthritis problems disappear, and their high blood pressure begins to return to normal levels.
If it sounds like a miracle cure, that’s because it is! God created us to rely on water for our very lives.
Answers to Water quiz:
  1. False
  2. True
  3. True
  4. True
  5. False
  6. True
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