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Pillar 6: Nutritional Supplements
Activity: Take your vitamin bottle out of the cupboard. Get one vitamin out of the bottle and look at it carefully. Hold it in your hand. Smell it. Look at the color. Now read the back of the bottle.
What is in your vitamin?
What is it really made of?
Is an orange really that much better for you than a couple of vitamin C tablets?
What makes the difference?
Do you trust pharmaceutical companies?
Who checks up on these companies anyway?
How much power are you giving to the pharmaceutical company? Your health is your responsibility. Make sure you are well informed and educated. Dr. Colbert wants to help you get the information you need.
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Pillar 6: Nutritional Supplements
(Excerpt from Day 40, “Vitamin Confusion”)
If you have ever walked into a health food store, you probably felt the same way many people do: overwhelmed by shelf after shelf crammed with thousands of multivitamins and minerals and individual supplements, each claiming to be the key to your health. Nutritional supplements have become big business, and confusion reigns for the poor consumer.
Most mass-produced nutritional supplements contain poor-quality synthetic nutrients, which are not nearly as healthy for you as are natural nutrients. These man-made multivitamin and mineral supplements are usually made from mineral salts, which are poorly absorbed by your body and therefore vastly less effective but very inexpensive. The manufacturers seem to believe that they can standardize, process, and manufacture vitamins in the same way they manufacture prescription drugs, which, by the way, is not a natural process. The result is an inferior quality of supplements—and lots of other things that you didn’t expect to make it into your daily tablets.
Most supplements contain a surprising array of toxic fillers and binding agents made of magnesium stearate, silicon dioxide, and titanium dioxide. Some big pharmaceutical companies even use ingredients such as toxic partially hydrogenated soybean oil as fillers for their soft gels containing fish oils, vitamin E, and so on. They also add artificial colors, which may have been extracted from coal tar, and put them in their tablets and capsules. A friend of mine calls these “toxic tagalongs.”
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