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Pillar 5: Detoxification
Is your body sending you distress signals?
If the earth is sick and toxic, then there is
a very good chance that you are sick and toxic!
Dr. Don Colbert offers you great hope.
Which three of these ailments are not caused by toxic overload?
[Correct answers can be found at the end of the excerpt]
Lack of energy
Environmental allergies
Stiff muscles
Food sensitivities
Excessive mucus production
Recurrent sinus problems
Weight gain
Foggy thinking
Mood changes
Sallow and saggy skin
Respiratory problems
Joint aches
Constant PMS symptoms
Loss of taste
Lower sperm count in men
Poor immune function
Wow—what a list!
Every day your body is bombarded with all kinds of toxins, and you probably won’t even realize it until you start experiencing one or more of these above symptoms.
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Pillar 5: Detoxification
(Excerpt from Day 32, “What Toxins do to the Body”)
What the Toxins Do
When toxins build up in your body and the liver and elimination systems can’t process and eliminate them all, you then develop toxic overload. You usually lack energy, experience environmental allergies and food sensitivities, and develop excessive mucus production. You may develop recurrent sinus problems, bronchitis, and eventually degenerative diseases. Some people complain of forgetfulness, foggy thinking, mood changes, sallow and saggy skin, respiratory problems, joint aches, arthritis, acne, eczema, psoriasis, and poor immune function.
But what do these toxins do? Sampling just some of the research gives us all the information we need. For example, pesticides have been linked to a lower sperm count in men and to higher amounts of xenoestrogen in women. Xenoestrogens are chemical counterfeits that fool the body into accepting them as genuine estrogen. When this occurs, it throws a woman’s hormones out of balance, leading to symptoms of PMS, fibrocystic breast diseases, and potentially endometriosis. It can even stimulate breast cancer and endometrial cancer.
One way to detoxify the body from solvents and pesticides is through fasting. During fasting, our cells, tissues, and organs begin to dump out accumulated waste products of cellular metabolism as well as chemical solvents, pesticides, and other toxins. Sauna therapy is also very effective at removing solvent and pesticide toxins from the body.
Answers to the opening quiz:
Stiff muscles
Loss of taste
Weight gain
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